Keep Your Frame

How can you keep your frame when the world seems to be falling in around you?

We are living through a cultural battle where fear is the weapon of choice. Think about it, how many messages have you heard just today that are either a bold proclamation or hidden innuendo inviting you into a posture of fear?

We are not made to live with stress brought on by messages of fear.

We’re angry

We’re confused

We don’t trust

What’s the way out? How can you keep your frame when the world seems to be falling in around you?

Choose Your Values

If you’re going to keep your frame, it will need to be built on a solid foundation. Your values are your foundation. You can read what I wrote about that here.

I’ve chosen to build my core values on the foundation of Christianity. I don’t minimize fear but I respond appropriately. My core values tell me that if I begin with good fear, I’ll keep the bad fear in perspective.

The good fear is fear of God. This healthy awe and respect for a Creator allows me to keep the deceptive fears in check. With a healthy fear and respect of God I can chose to deny a constant state of anxiety or flashes of terror.

What’s your foundational values?

Pay Attention and Discern

The weapon of fear is often used to sway your point of view. If I can make you fear someone or something, I can control you. I can get you to do what I want you to do.

For example, if I can get you to fear the actions of one political candidate, I can get you to support the other, without question. Or, if I can convince you to be afraid of something that has a 99% survivability rate, I can make you act in ways that you wouldn’t normally act.

Keep your frame and discern. Discerning means that you will pay attention. You’ll be aware. You will evaluate everything from a position of your core values.

Discerning people also know that truth is not a private matter. When you encounter information you’ve never heard before; or it sounds uncomfortably different, test it. Test it by the larger body of truth not just by your opinions.

Discerning people are honest people. Honest with themselves, honest with the facts, and honest with others.

Take a Few Steps Back

What’s the way through fear?

Get smart. Your fear might be based on a lack of information. Get the information you need and examine things based on facts rather than hear say.

Name the fear. Telling someone what you fear is therapeutic. When you ignore  your fear it grows. When you face it, it shrinks.

Show kindness. Fear often causes a person to be angry. The anger is directed toward people who are usually innocent. Instead of walking around angry, express love, compassion, and grace. Say “thank you” to your server at the restaurant. Offer your seat to someone. Be kind. Your positive actions may be the best rebellion against a spirit of fear.

Rest. Relaxing could be a great antidote to your fear. Rest is wellbeing.

Keep your frame. People need you.

Author: Ron Geisler

Living as a catalyst of transformation. Founder of Rebound Life Coaching.