Thy Kingdom Come…

I was really encouraged this week when I heard about Kylie Bisutti.  Have you heard about her yet?  She’s the Victoria Secrets model who quit because modeling lingerie doesn’t conform to her Christian beliefs.  “Victoria’s Secret was my absolutely biggest goal in life, and it was all I ever wanted career-wise,” she told FOX411’s Pop Tarts. “I actually loved it while I was there, it was so much fun and I had a blast. But the more I was modeling lingerie — and lingerie isn’t clothing — I just started becoming more uncomfortable with it because of my faith. I’m Christian, and reading the Bible more, I was becoming more convicted about it.”

Talk about courage.
I remember being a teenager and hearing a story similar to this.  My Sunday School teacher had recently converted to Christianity.  He had been a salesman for a cigarette company and was doing pretty well.  But then Jesus showed up and my friend starting feeling uncomfortable contributing to people’s addiction and poor health.  So he quit.  No job.  No prospects.  A family to feed.  It all turned out good.
Many of us who find ourselves in evangelical traditions will often ask people to invite Jesus into their hearts.   But I wonder if it isn’t so much about getting Jesus into our hearts as it is getting ourselves into Jesus’ kingdom.  When we come into Jesus’ kingdom, our worldview changes.  We move away from wanting Jesus to come into our reality and we step into Jesus’ reality.  And Jesus’ reality is transformational.
Jesus’ kingdom values are significantly opposed to the values of this world.  The values of this world would tell Kylie and my friend to ignore any convictions and cash in on all the money and perks of their jobs.  The values of this world would convince us to live however we choose with no thought about how our lifestyle effects someone else.  However, coming into Jesus’ kingdom will reposition our ethics.  We stop focusing on self and begin asking how we can live so that others can live.

Author: Ron Geisler

Jesus follower, husband, father, pastor, professor, writer. Living as a catalyst of transformation. Founder of Rebound Life Coaching.

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